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The Sheer Joy and Ecstasy of Scaling a Mountain Can be your child’s Today..!

It’s Wonderful to climb the mountains of the sky! Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears!

Allow Us to Equip Your Child Climb The Mountains of Life!

through Determination, Adventure, Cognitive Learning and Creative Knowledge

Jidnyasa Trust

jidnyasa thane westThere’s a Method to Reaching The Pinnacle of life! A Mountaineering Couple Would like to teach your children, Using Mountain Climbing Techniques Inside the classroom, and also outside



The techniques and truths of
Jidd: Determination
Dnyan: Knowledge
Sahas: Adventure
Together make the Jidnyasa Trust


Mr Surendra Dighe and his wife Ms Sumita Dighe were avid mountain climbers and found in their different experiences that they were using innovative and out of the box methods to scale peaks over 20,000 feet in the sky.

‘Let us teach these same techniques to children in the schools of Maharashtra,’ said Mr Dighe to his wife one day while they were scaling yet another mountain and today his innovative methods have made thinkers and achievers and great success stories of the children they train!